Q. I lost my master password. What do I do?

Once master password is lost, it cannot be recovered. Only you have access to the master password and no one else can recover it. At this point, you can either restore a backup or reset the app. Resetting the app will delete all your saved passwords. To reset the app, long press on app icon and click on App Info. Then click on Storage and then Clear Storage.

Q. How do I make a backup?

To make a backup, please do the following:

1. Open One Key app.
2. Once inside the app, click on Menu icon on top left corner and click on Backup/Restore.
3. Click on BACKUP button.

The backup will be created in phone's internal storage under onekey_backup folder. Please remember that a backup is always protected by a password which is same as your master password at the time of backup. The Auto backup feature available for premium users creates automatic backups based on a certain chosen internal. This ensures that you will always have a backup in case of any event of data loss.

Q. How do I restore a backup?

To restore a backup, click on RESTORE button on the password screen, choose the backup and click Restore. All your saved passwords will be restored. If master password has not been set, the master password will be set as restore password.

Q. How do I set a master password hint?

Master password hint is displayed when you enter a wrong master password 3 times. This helps you remember your master password. To set a hint, please do the following:

1. Open app and click on menu icon on top left corner.
2. Click on Settings and scroll down to Login section.
3. Click on Change master password hint and set hint.

Q. How do I restore the premium version on a new device?

Download OneKey app on the new device with the same PlayStore email account that you used on the old device. Once download is done do the following:

1. Open OneKey app and set a new password.
2. Click on Menu icon. Click on Upgrade to Premium. Click on the Cart icon.

The premium version will be restored.

Q. How do I enable Auto-fill service?

Auto-fill service is only available on devices running android version 8 Oreo and above. To enable One Key as the default auto-fill service, do the following:

1. Go to your phone settings.
2. Search for autofill.
3. Click on Autofill service.
4. Choose One Key.

Now you will be able to autofill passwords within all apps in android. If you face any issues, please contact the developer.

Q. Why doesn't Auto-fill work in some apps?

Auto-fill not working in some apps could be because these apps are not providing username and password hints to One Key Auto-fill service. If an app fails to do so, the auto-fill service will not be able to recognize the field and therefore won't work.

Q. How do I transfer data to a new phone?

Please follow the instructions to transfer the data on the new phone:

1. Create a backup first in old phone. To create a backup, goto menu. Click on Backup/Restore. Click Backup. The backup is protected by your current master password. This password will be used during Restore. The backup file is created in phone's internal storage under folder named 'onekey_backup'.
2. Copy backup file to new phone or where ever you want to restore.
3. Install OneKey app in new phone. Setup a new password. Then go to menu. Click Backup/Restore. Click Restore. Choose file and enter backup password.

Q. Where is automatic backup file created?

Auto backup is only enabled for premium users. For Android 9 (Pie) and below, auto backup is created in 'onekey_backup' folder in phone's internal storage.

For Android 10 and above, the auto backup will be created in 'Android/data/com.gaurav.onekey/onekey_backup' in phone's internal storage.

Note for Android 10 users:
Due to changes in security policy for Android 10, OneKey app will only be allowed to create auto backup under the folder path mentioned before. Due to this restriction, if the app is uninstalled, the auto backups will be deleted too. So, please make sure that you copy the auto backup to a different directory before uninstalling the app.